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"Leftie Xtreme Smasher"

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"The best driver in the world!" - Kevin J

Well, we're pretty sure it's the best driver in the world FOR YOU.

You'll be getting a driver with both head and shaft adjusted to your specific swing speed, and swing characteristics, so you'll hit alot more fairways, alot further down! 

With over 20 years of fitting thousands of amateurs, and working on clubs for top professionals such as Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh, we've built a massive database of heads, shafts, and mostly, the soul of the club.

Armed with all this experience, we decided it was time that amateur golfers stopped leaving head and shaft matching to chance.

So we put our best matched heads and shafts for each different swing type and put them together, and our customers were amazed.

The first person to hit it got 18% more distance, and shots were more in control.  We've got people getting over 35% more distance since then.

For the first time ever, we've got heads that can be fitted to different golfers.  And we've got the technology to HAND BUILD these clubs for you.  

The Leftie Smashers feature a Left Handed specific adapter, so you no longer have to draw reference from what the right handed golfers are hitting.


How we got you 18% more distance...

Our 7 Secrets Revealed...
The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match

You wouldn't put a Ferrari engine on a tractor would you?

Don't get me wrong.  Tractors are great.  And Ferraris are great.

But they were both designed to do a job.  In the same way a Ferrari engine wouldn't do a tractor very much good, a tractor engine wouldn't do a Ferrari very much good.

Not only will those matches cause issues, they're a waste of money!

Over thousands of fittings, over 25 years, we've discovered the shafts and heads that go together perfectly for specific swing types.

Speed Matched Head

Speed Matched Head

You wouldn't go to your mechanic and solve just half a breakdown, would you?

You've heard of Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff shafts.  

But that's only half the equation.  Most heads aren't matched to your swing speed.  Only the shaft is.  

That's like having a car breakdown and going to the mechanic to fix just half the problem!  

Why even bother!

Industry Leading Energy Transfer

Industry Leading Energy Transfer

Built for performance not cost

We use only the very best materials to assemble your clubs.  Instead of simple epoxy resin, we use 3M Scotch Weld.  It costs 10x more, but it's 20x better.

We don't use industrial sand belts to strip the shaft when assembling.  We hand strip the shafts to make sure no graphite in your shaft is compromised, and you get a perfect bond between your Driver Head, Adapter, and Shaft.

Cost isn't a consideration.  Building the best club is.

Crafted To Your Specifications

Crafted To Your Specifications

Would you wear a suit tailored for someone else?

The fact is, clubs on the market are made to the specifications of the "most common golfer".  But let's think about this.  How many of your usual foursome have the same swing?

That's why we need you to fill up the form before we'll sell a driver to you.  

We'll make fewer sales, but we'll have happier customers.  And happy customers are what we live for.

Built For Your Environment

Built For Your Environment

Stop skiing in the dessert (so to speak)...

The point is, you need the right tool for the right job.  If you're playing dessert golf, your driver will behave differently than if you're in a cool parkland course in winter, or a links course in summer.

If you have a predominant course preference, or a home course, we can customize your driver for:
- Wind conditions
- Humidity
- Fairway firmness/dryness
- Temperature

Your graphite shaft windings, glue, etc all behave differently at different temperatures, as does ball compression and flight.

The pros benefit from this, why shouldn't you?

Built by a Class A Certified Clubmaker

Built by a Class A Certified Clubmaker

Not by a non-golfer in an anonymous factory

Let's face it, the person who builds most clubs doesn't even golf, and might not even have been on a golf course.

Your clubs will be built by our Master Fitter, Jef Goh.  He's fitted clubs for top pros around the world, as well as thousands of amateurs.

In fact, he's the reason we can do all these amazing things for your driver.  Not that many people have experience adjusting clubs for specific weather conditions, and Angel Cabrera won the Singapore Open in the picture after Jef adjusted his clubs!

But most importantly, Jef cares about your game.  Unlike the anonymous factory worker in an anonymous factory, Jef puts himself out there.  He takes the most care with every club because his name is on it.

Industry Leading Adapters

Industry Leading Adapters

The chain is only as strong as it's weakest link...

With adjustable head drivers, came adapters.  These are often overlooked, but are the only link your shaft has to the head.  It is the only means of energy transfer.

You wouldn't drive a Porsche and put worn out tyres on it would you?

On top of energy tranfer, our adapters have the most number of settings, and can be shaft aligned in any position you choose!


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (292)

I got over 33% more distance!

Roland L, Singapore
18 handicap

This is the first driver where the ball actually flies like a driver shot I'm used to seeing!

Jenny M, Singapore
34 Handicap

Middle of the fairway everytime.  I'm not even kidding!  Don't know how you guys do it!

James H, Sydney, Australia
9 Handicap

I'm so confident with this, it's goodbye 3 wood!

Maureen McKenna, Melbourne, Australia
15 Handicap

As a senior golfer, I struggle to keep up the distance. I'm now longer and straighter than the young guys!

Eddie J, Jakarta, Indonesia
24 Handicap

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