Is your Driver a Ferrari with a Tractor engine?

How's the head and shaft combination on your driver?  Is it a Ferrari with a tractor engine or vice versa?  Or perhaps it's a cake?  Learn more. 


All great recipes or products have one thing in common.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Because many of these things are so amazing, they’ve become so much a part of our lives we hardly think about it. 


For example, eggs, sugar, flour and butter becomes cake.  Or the combination of carrots, celery and onion, being the base for practically every soup or stew in French cuisine.


In the great game of golf, there’s no where that’s more true than in the art and science of club making.


Whenever the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, is typically where art and science meet.


There’s a science to cooking, just as there is a science to club making.


Anyone can learn to cook scientifically, just like anyone can learn to make clubs scientifically.


But when years of experience and trial and error get added to the additional scientific knowledge is where great discoveries happen.


Who would have thought eggs, sugar, flour and butter would become cake, except for years of experimentation and knowledge coming together.


And that’s how the Smasher driver series was born. 


Through over 20 years of fitting thousands of golfers.


This is the best thing about fitting a wide variety of golfers – everyone has a theory…


Some of them work and some of them don’t.


When eggs, sugar, flour and butter become a cake, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


But there are times when a customer just insists on using salt instead of sugar, and in some instances, sand instead of flour.


We always try to discourage them.  But sometimes, you’ll get an insistent customer who tells you he’s paying you to do it!


And so we do. 


Sometimes, we make an amazing discovery together!  (I suspect that’s how cake was first made)


Most other times, we get a complete dud.


Either way, club making gets taken forward.


The analogy I like to use here is this.  You wouldn’t put a Ferrari engine in a tractor, or a tractor engine in a Ferrari, would you?


A tractor engine would slow a Ferrari down, and a Ferrari engine would be a waste on the tractor.  It would be alright if the tractor could still pull all things it was meant to, except that Ferrari engine would be way overpriced for what you are using it for.


With the internet, we see a lot of that these days.  Customers coming in, fixated on putting a Ferrari shaft into a tractor head or vice versa.  It’s just not the best fit.


So, before you read a review about a shaft, and bring your driver in for a reshaft, have a chat with us, you might find we’re able to save you a fair bit of money!


Even if you get all the ingredients right, and don’t do anything funny to them, eggs, sugar, flour and butter can come together in a way that is completely wrong!


You’ve all had them.  The terrible cake baked by the brand new baker…


Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of clubs are made these days.  On conveyor belt type systems, where things are assembled by workers who likely have never seen a golf course!


If you’re looking for more from your driver, the best thing you can do, is to make sure your driver head, shaft, and adapter are all perfectly matched to your swing.


Your perfectly matched driver is right here.



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