Shipping Tips

We constantly strive to bring you the best products at the best prices.

To ensure that your shafts arrive in the best possible condition, we use specialized shipping boxes for your shafts.  These boxes are pretty crush and bend resistant, but they take up space in a shipping container.

And that's why shipping prices may appear high.


How To Save On Shipment:  Method 1

The most economical way to ship is by using "Standard" or "Expedited" shipping, adding more shafts to your shipment.

To ship a second shaft, add $3 to the cost of shipping.

To ship a third shaft, add $2 to the cost of shipping.

To ship a fourth shaft, add $1.

To ship 5 shafts of more, add another $1.


If the shipping cost of 1 shaft is $20:

Ship 2 shafts for $23

Ship 3 shafts for $25

Ship 4 shafts for $26

Ship 5 or more shafts for $26

If you ship 10 shafts, you pay just $2.60 for the shipment of each shaft!


How To Save On Shipment:  Method 2

We also provide Flat Rate Insured shipping. 

This allows you to ship a fixed weight to where you live, and is insured in accordance with the policies, terms and conditions of the carrier's insurer.


Please see our Shipping Guide & Options for details on all our Shipping Packages to your country.