Is your Driver transferring energy properly?

If your driver isn't transferring energy properly, you might be driving a Porsche with worn out tyres.  Learn more.


In our last blog, we wrote about integrated head and shaft fitting.


We’re going to be launching our head and shaft combination which got up to an 18% distance increase real soon.


But in the meantime, we’ve gotten a bunch of questions on which we feel contributed to the 18% increase more – the head or the shaft?


Well, the traditionally, the head affects spin, whether the ball tends left or right, and high or low. 


The shaft through its flex, kick point and torque, also affects spin rate and trajectory.


As we wrote about last week, one important element missing from the fitting the head, has been swing speed.


Swing speed has tended to be the domain of the shaft – very often, until now the head could not be fitted for swing speed.


What we’ve done, is we’ve matched the perfect shaft, for the perfect head for particular swing speeds and tendencies.  And when we get your data, not only are the head and shaft perfectly matched, we’ll trim the shaft, so that the bend point, torque and balance are perfect for you.


But here’s the kicker.


Distance gained is about energy passing from your swing, through the shaft, to the head, and then the ball.


If the energy isn’t passed effectively through all those elements, then energy is lost as heat.


Think of it as driving a Porsche or Ferrari with worn out tires!  You’re not going to get a lot of energy transfer to the road and you’re going to get really hot tires!


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, and that’s so true here.


Where your shaft transfers energy to the head is a really small point.  That really small point needs to fit perfectly.  In this day and age or club head adapters, that’s even more important.


The fit from your shaft to the adapter and the adapter to the head needs to be perfect.


It’s not just about putting in more glue. 


Shaping the joints, and using the correct fillers in the adhesives make all the difference.


All our clubs are built by Class A Certified Professional Club Maker, and not in a factory by a worker who doesn’t care about golf.


Every single club is signed off, so that you know who made your club


So which contributed most to the 18% gain?


The perfect head and shaft combination, the perfect trim, or the perfect build?  I’d guess 6% each!



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