The Power Of True Shaft & Head Fitting

We're proud to announce our head and shaft fitted driver!  With 18% distance gains in our tests, there's a model for everyone.  Learn more and register your interest here.


If you’re on this page, you’ve probably heard of club fitting.


Up till about 10 years ago, that’s been solely about fitting the shaft and lie angles.


Then head fitting became fashionable about 10 years ago, with visible technology with movable weights etc came into play.


That was a huge leap forward.  Players now have the ability to change their heads’ spin characteristics, launch angles, etc.


But that still lacked one thing. 


Can you guess what it is?


Let me give you a hint, it’s the first thing you look at when you think about a shaft…


That’s right.  FLEX.


The very first thing most players look at when choosing a club, is flex.


Not weight, not lie angle, not torque, etc.


That’s because flex is the easiest way to match the clubs to the tempo and swing speed of most golfers.


How would you feel if all shafts were the same flex?


And yet, you’ve been playing with all heads that are the same “flex”. 


Most driver heads take technology from the professional tours, and those technologies might or might not translate well to slower swings.


You can’t put a different shaft on it and expect it to work correctly for the average golfer!  That’s like having a X-flex head on a R-flex shaft!


So, we’ve taken our years of club fitting experience, and partnered with 2 top grade equipment manufacturers to build a club that’s perfect for the average golfer.


Whether you’re driving it less than 180m (195y) or longer than 250m (275y), we’ve got the perfect set up for you.  It’s not just the shafts that change, the heads change too.


You’ll no longer have to hit heads that are mismatched for your swing speed.


And to top it off, we’ll have your clubs made by Professional Class A Clubmakers, and not in some factory where the worker probably doesn’t even play golf.


We’re so excited by this, because when we tested our brand new prototypes that we received just yesterday, we saw an 18% distance increase between a top name, completely OEM driver, and our Smashing Drives Prototype!  18%!


To make things fair, we fitted the top name driver head with the same model shaft, properly fitted of course, as our Prototype.  Compared to the full OEM setup, this yielded an 8% distance increase.  Not bad, in fact that’s quite typical of the increases we see with shaft fitting.


But as you can see, when we match the head to the swing speed, we got an 18% increase, that’s more than double in increase you’ll get from just shaft fitting.


We'll let you know as soon as it's available!

And you'll secure our 10% launch coupon your mail...

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