10 Fun Golf Hacks To Cope With Being At Home

Fun golf hacks for those of us coping with being at home to really our fight mates when we’re released back onto the green!


So how's being stuck at home?


Climbing the walls yet?


All is not lost - here's our top 10 fun golf hacks which you can do right from home and can improve your game once you get back out on the greens!


Home Golf Hack #1


You know it drives you nuts when you mark your golf ball with a marker pen and the ink doesn’t quite stay on the golf ball.  Go check out the wifey’s nail polish collection and find the manly shade that works for you. 


Home Golf Hack #2


How about taking out those old clubs to clean? 


Try soaking one first in Coca-Cola for 24 hours to restore it to its former glory.  Oh…Coca-Cola is precious during the Circuit Breaker/lockdown…..any rust remover or citric acid based solution will work, really…how about Pepsi instead :)


Home Golf Hack #3


Got somewhat new white golf shoes which are a bit dirty? 


Get some vinegar and gently rub off the dirt with a towel.  Oh, wifey says need to conserve vinegar...


Home Golf Hack #4


Need to draw an alignment line on your ball? 


Use the safety plastic ring seal (which is attached to the plastic bottle cap when the bottle’s sealed) from your Gatorade bottle to put around your golf ball and simply draw the line.


Home Golf Hack #5


Indoor practice time... 


How about styrofoam “golf” balls from the art and craft stores, some are online.


Home Golf Hack #6


When you’re next at the driving range and wanna see where your impact is on the club face, colour the back half of the golf ball before swinging.


Home Golf Hack #7


For those of us who can’t quite remember how far our irons go, we can write our distances on the bottom of each iron.


Have you got any others to share?  Type them below; sharing is caring in such a time as this for no one else, other than us golfers, will understand the golfer’s angst.

So what else can we do from home, using things which are easily accessible from home for our golf hacks…and with which we can practise in the privacy of our homes?


Home Golf Hack #8


Grab a spoon (because you can wash and reuse...) 


So what we want do is to put the spoon into our left glove (for right handers) such that the scoop side is sticking up. 


The purpose here is to see our wrist angle when we do a backswing, as the majority of poor wrist angles means we’re getting a cup in the wrist - it’s like when the wrist is extended such that the hand is moved backwards. 


It will be hard to have a cup in the wrist when you’ve got a spoon stuck in the glove as this would put pressure on the spoon. 


If we can maintain the pressure or even take the pressure off the spoon in the backswing, we’ll have a better wrist angle and the clubface is generally going to be in a stronger place in the backswing and in transition as well.


Home Golf Hack #9


Next, the rubber door wedge, the one we stick under the door to keep the door from slamming shut when tensions run high with everyone at home. :)




Pretend like we’re addressing the ball, rotate your right foot in and cram the wedge under the outside ball of your right foot (that’s aligned with our big right toe).  Doesn’t have to be perfect.  


If we need extra support, push the wedge a little further in; if need just a bit, then do with a little less. 


What this does is as we go to the top of our swing, it keeps our hips from sliding.  As the hip slide is halted, our head stays a lot more stable over the top of the ball and instead of falling back on our downswing, it helps us to push off of that and get all the way to that good full finish with the chest facing the target.


Home Golf Hack #10


Finally, the humble towel, cos we're still hard at work from home, keeping everyone and everything in harmony right?


Have you ever swung the embarrassing hosel rocket (aka shanks) before? 


Yes, when the ball hits the hosel (which connects the shaft to the clubhead) and then rockets sideways nearly killing the person in the next bay…


What we wanna do here is to roll up a small towel (something like the “Good Morning” towel for us in Asia) and put that towel where it’s very close, about ½ to ¾ inch outside of your club – if I swing and I were to hit that hosel, then I would just hit the entire towel. 


Practise and it will help with getting rid of those shanks.

These are the 10 Fun Golf Hacks To Cope With Being At Home from us today. 

Remember to share yours in the comments below.  Stay home and be nice to the wifey and family.  Happy wife, happy life.  Keep safe everyone.



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