3 Tips For Hitting Simple Consistent Tee Shots

Simple consistent tee shots has been the elusive goal of most golfers.  Here are 3 top tips.  Learn more.

It’s every golfer’s dream to be able to hit simple consistent tee shots.

But it’s often something that, unfortunately lives only in the realm of their dreams :) 

Fortunately, there is a way to achieve this goal.

In fact, Golf Digest recently ran an article on this exact topic.  E Michael Johnson, its equipment editor and a successful PGA Tour player, shares his tips on hitting simple consistent tee shots.


Tip 1: Takeaway - the first step to hitting simple consistent tee shots

The first step to getting those desired tee shots is to prepare for takeaway.  We know that the key to maxing driver distance is high launch with low spin.  However it is common for golfers to have a negative angle of attack, including hitting downward several degrees, which produces a low spinny tee shot that doesn’t go very far.

What you can do here is to adjust your tee height.  If you tee your ball too low, you will not be able to hit up on the ball!  So tee it such that 2/3 of the ball is higher than the crown of the driver, and align the ball to the big toe of your front foot.  Then drop your shoulder slightly at address to help get it in proper position at impact.


Tip 2: The Right Path - the essential ingredient in simple consistent tee shots

Whilst many struggle to swing on an in-to-out path in relation to the target line during the downswing, it is crucial to making solid contact.  You can use a golf swing aid such as the Orange Whip Trainer, which is an ultra-flexible club, to help here.  This will help you keep your arms and body moving in the proper sequence for that right in-to-out path to get those simple consistent tee shots.

It’s also important that you keep your chest behind the ball during the backswing, as you’ll possibly pitch forward on the backswing if your chest hovers over the ball.  To give yourself a head start for an in-to-out downswing, set your lead shoulder to point a little right (closed) of your target line at address.


Tip 3: Solid Contact - where the magic happens

It is essential that you maintain control of your swing.  A useful drill is to swing a 7-iron at 30% of your max speed and keep at it until you’re making solid contact and getting solid shots most of the time.  Thereafter, increase the swing speed to 50%, 70% and ultimately your full max speed.  This helps build confidence in controlling your swing.  If you are progressively finding the centre of the face whilst gradually increasing your swing speed, you will have a good chance at hitting simple consistent tee shots at full throttle!  


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