How to Smash your 3 Wood off the Deck

Beyond being a "safe driver", your 3 wood can be an awesome weapon if you can hit it off the deck - do it with this simple tip!


How different would your approach to your game be, if you could reliably hit your 3 wood off the deck?


A lot of mid to high handicappers, use their 3 woods as “safe drivers”, off the tee, on a tight par 4.


That’s a great strategy, but what that means is that you’re only using your 3 wood when you’re not feeling very confident with your driver. 


And let’s face it, we all love smashing drives :) with our drivers.  That feeling when you really connect, indescribable!


So, I thought I would write about how you can reliably learn to hit your 3 wood off the deck.


That way, you can use your driver off the tee, and use your 3 wood to start getting to the green in 2 on the par 5s this weekend.


Eagles here we come!


If your club is set up right, hitting your 3 wood off the deck is almost the same as hitting your 3 wood off the tee.


The only difference is where the ball is in your stance.


If you hit your 3 wood of the tee just fine (afterall, it’s your “safe driver”), then all you need to do is to move the ball one ball back in your stance.


That way, instead of hitting slightly up on the ball as you would a driver, you’re hitting slightly down on the ball.  Definitely not as much as with an iron, but you don’t want to hit it “flat” or “up”.


A lot of golfers struggle with trying with the 3 wood off the deck because they don’t hit down on the ball enough.


Hitting down on the ball slightly allows you to generate backspin and lift, keeping your ball in the air. 


Hitting up means that you’ll top the ball because the bottom of your swing is just before the ball, and hitting flat, leaves a very small margin to hit the ball perfectly.  And even if you do, you’re not generating as much spin as if you’re hitting slightly down on the ball.


Don’t worry, you’re club won’t dig in, because the sole of the club is designed not to.


And if you’re moving just one ball back from your 3 wood off the tee set up, it should be just perfect.


If you’re still struggling with that, come down and let us see with our launch monitors exactly how you’re striking your 3 wood. 


Afterall, without precise information, you can’t make effective adjustments and expect results.


See you soon!





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