Are you playing with the wrong flex shaft?

Outgrowing your shafts and playing with the wrong flex is a common problem as golfers age.  This causes lots of problems, but it's a much cheaper fix than you imagine.  Learn more.


This week we’ve had a number of golfers in their 50s come in with very similar challenges, playing with the wrong flex shaft.


So we thought we would share this with you, because whether or not you’re in your 50s, playing with the wrong flex shaft is one of the most common fixes we come across in the course of our work.


But why is this worse for golfers in their 50s?


If like me, you’re in your 50s, then you know that you’ve started to slow down. You’re likely no longer as flexible or as strong as you once were, and it might be time to start playing a flex a little softer than you’ve been used to.


As an experienced golfer, you probably know by now that playing with the right flex has lots of advantages.


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However, changing a whole set of shafts to a softer flex will end up costing alot, and might end up being too soft for you, right?


Thankfully, that’s not the case.


We can arrange for you to come down and try out a few shafts to see which fits you best.


And if we find you’re in between flexes, we can “soft step” shafts to help you get the exact flex for you and your game.


The beauty of soft stepping, is that we can also save you lots of money by changing your whole set of shafts to the correct flex, by only adding one or 2 new shafts, and reusing most of the shafts you already have.


=> Get the right flex with minimal wastage


Now that we’ve established that it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, let’s talk about how you might know that your current shafts are too stiff for you.


The first sign is that you’re slicing it alot more, or a lot worse than you previously did.


That comes from trying to hit it harder. When that happens, your dominant side comes into play - so a right handed golfers right side comes in, and inadvertently causes a slice. For a left handed golfer, the left side comes in and causes that same slice.


That same action of trying to hit it harder, causes golfers in our age to start to feel more tired, especially when we try to play several days of golf in a row.


This feeling of tiredness results in even more distance loss, trying to hit it harder causing even more bad shots and more distance loss. All in all a vicious cycle!


=> Start regaining your youthful swing


And all that can be solved by changing one or 2 shafts in your set!


Imagine being able to step up to the ball with more confidence, and just swing like you used to. You’ll start to feel that effortless enjoyment, and just start enjoying the game alot more!

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