Can Driver Fitting Help The High Handicap Golfer?

Driver fitting can help both the high and low handicap golfer. In fact, some of our high handicap customers have gone from 24 handicap to 10 handicap, saving over 14 strokes! Learn more or arrange a 1 on 1 fitting session with us.


One of the questions we get really often is whether or not a golfer is good enough to benefit from Driver Fitting.


What typically goes through their minds when they're asking this question is...


... Am I good enough to benefit from this...

... Will anyone laugh at me when we're doing the fitting...

... I hit the ball "everywhere" and my misses could be to the left of right, how are we supposed to make adjustments... 


First, let us assure you that we have alot of high handicap customers.


Many of them become low handicap golfers because they've gotten more consistent.


To answer the first question - everyone can benefit from having their equipment suited to them.  That way, you're not making "compensations" for your equipment and you can just swing away!


By swinging freely, you become more consistent by using your natural motion.  That also reduces injury risk.


This increases your consistency.  


That alone can cause your handicap to drip from 24 to low teens.  In that respect, a high handicap golfer can drop more strokes than a low handicap golfer.  It'll be alot harder for a 10 handicap to get to scratch!


Now to the second question - trust us - no one will laugh at you.  Our fittings are private 1 on 1, and we certainly won't laugh at you.  As we said, many of our customers are high handicap golfers, since there are more high handicap golfers than low :)


Hitting the ball "everywhere" could be a function of equipment - eg, the shaft is too light or just not stiff enough, or could be a function of you compensating for your equipment - eg, by swinging softer - and compensations are never constant.


Either way, we can help.


In the meantime, check out this video from our friends at TXG, and what they say about High Handicap Driver Fitting.


If you found that inspiring, don't forget to arrange a fitting session with our Master Fitter.  He's fit thousands of high handicap golfers around the world, including me :)  On the other hand, he's also fitted the best golfers in the world!


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