Can you Guess the right shaft for you?

Golfers love to talk about what flex they play. There's so much guess work around that, and that's like guessing what medication to take to fix you medical issue. There's a simple effective way to fix all this. Learn more.


I hear a lot of golfers “guessing” that they should play a Stiff flex shaft or a Regular flex shaft.


Ladies default to Ladies flex and seniors default flex choice is Senior flex.


I’ve even heard people say that if you’re 18 handicap or below you should play Stiff and if you’re a higher handicapper you should play Regular.


I can tell you with absolute certainty that all this guess work will not help your game!


There’s just so much more at play than flex.


When fitting a customer, we also need to consider many other things including shaft weight, bend point of the shaft, balance point of the shaft, etc.


A lot of this comes down to how the individual player loads the shaft when they’re coming into the ball, how they rotate through impact, etc.


There’s just no way to guess any of these.


While the most common guess work is done with flex, I’ve also seen more advanced golfers try to guess at all these other factors.


We’ve fitted enough golfers to point you in the right direction based on symptoms you might be facing, but nothing beats coming down for an actual fitting before spending money getting a new shaft.


For example, you might use the rule of thumb that a heavier, stiffer shaft might be for the faster swinger.  And you might be right some of the time.  And that’s why we came up with the Secrets of Smashing Drives book and workbook. 


But we’ve also seen a slow swinging golfer who fared best with a light but stiff shaft, and a 100+ mph golfer’s best performing shaft, a heavy Regular flex!


When assessing a problem, we want as far as possible to get to the root of the problem, provided the cost isn’t too high in relation to the problem.


For example, if you go to a doctor with a medical problem, you would want to know the illness you have so that it can be properly cured.  If the illness is a simple cold, you would be given some medicine and that would be the end of that.  You might even self medicate!


But if that doesn’t go away, then the doctor needs to decide, in view of cost, etc, if you need to do a viral test to rule out a more serious illness.


It’s the same with club fitting.


You might have self-medicated, but if the problem hasn’t gone away, speak with us, and if the cost isn’t too high, then get a proper diagnosis to get your swing fixed once and for all.


Afterall, you wouldn’t keep taking the wrong medicine if you’re not getting better will you?

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