Do we recommend TSi2 or SIM2 Max for reshafting?

Titleist TSi2 or TaylorMade SIM2Max - which driver is better for reshafting? There's a better and cheaper way to get your perfect driver. Learn from these 2 golfers' expensive lessons.


Most golfers these days understand the benefits of getting a shaft that fits their swing.


As a result, many of our customers come to us with clubs newly bought, looking to get a shaft upgrade.  This is true of all clubs, but we notice this far more with the driver than any other club.


If we get the opportunity, we always tell our customers not to do that.  They are far better off getting a shaft and club head that work together from the outset.


The economic reason


First, it’s economics.


If you get fitted, and you get the shaft that works for you right from the outset, you don’t end up with an extra shaft that doesn’t work for you!


Is this still the club you want?


Next, you want to make sure that the club head is still the best club head for you once you get the shaft fitted.  And there’s no way to know that until you get the shaft fitted.


But by the time you get the shaft fitted, you’ve already paid for the head.  Even if you sell it, you’re still going to make a loss.


Titleist vs TaylorMade


2 customers came in recently.


One came in to reshaft his Titleist TSi2 Driver that he had recently purchased.


The other came in to reshaft his TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver that he had recently purchased.


They had both tried out both the Titleist TSi2 Driver and the TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver before buying, and were both certain that was the driver for them.


Now all that was left to do was to get the shaft just perfect, right?




The one who bought the Titleist TSi2 Driver


His reason for buying the Titleist TSi2 Driver over the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver was that he felt he was hitting the Titleist TSi2 Driver really solid compared with the TaylorMade.


It’s true that the Titleist TSi2 Driver is extremely forgiving on off centre hits, and generally loses very little distance on off centre hits.  On the launch monitor in the store, he was also hitting it straighter with the Titleist.


He knew that with the right shaft, adjusted for both his swing and the club head, he could hit it more in the centre. 


He is right, but only half right.


In our fitting studio, after getting the shaft fitted for his swing, he decided to try the same shaft adjustments on the same model shaft, but with the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver.


What a disaster! 


At impact, his clubhead speed went up from 84 MPH to 89 MPH.  After 20 hits he was consistently picking up 5 MPH, and hitting it straight!  That translated to nearly 15 metres more carry than his driver!


This is not surprising given that the SIM in SIM2 stands for Shape In Motion which makes the club head more aerodynamic, and helps you pick up clubhead speed right from the transition to your downswing.


The one who bought the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver


In the store he bought this from, the launch monitor showed that he was very long with this club, and that completely sold him. 


When he went on the course, he was consistently long but didn’t hit a single fairway that day.


He came in and got fitted for a shaft.  We managed to get him reasonably straighter, but since the Titleist TSi2 and Srixon ZX5 were both available, he decided to try them out as well.


With shafts in his spec and matched to these 2 heads, we hit the launch monitor in our fitting studio.


For him the clubhead speed at impact for the TaylorMade was still faster by 1-2 MPH than with either the Titleist TSi2 or the Srixon ZX5.


However, because his swing isn’t the most consistent, he was losing less distance on off centre hits with both the Titleist TSi2 and the Srixon ZX5 than he was with the TaylorMade, and he was hitting it both longer and straighter with both these clubs.


The other irony here is that on his fitted shaft, if he had bought the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver in 10.5 rather than 9 he would have also been hitting it straighter.


So, to the million dollar question that we get asked 5 times a week… Between the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver and the Titleist TSi2 Driver, which will we recommend?


We always say the best driver is the driver that suits you!


This is a sad story of wasted money.  And before you suggest it, yes, they could have swapped except they both needed different lofts!


Never go out and get any club or shaft without first trying them out. 


At Smashing Drives' Custom Shop, you'll be able to try out any club with any shaft, at our golf simulation room, as well as our full length driving range.


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