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These are bar none, our favourite wedges.  The equivalent miss gets you 60% closer to the pin.  Learn more about Edison Golf Wedges from our Custom Shop.


Pop quiz.  If you had to pull one club from your bag that looks like it could be from the 1950s, which club would that be?


The wedge.


To Edison Wedges, that was fascinating.  Since the 1950s, irons have made massive technological gains, woods became metal, and drivers especially have seen innumerable significant technological improvements.  Even putters are different!


And all these technological improvements have been to make each of these clubs more forgiving.


But the wedge - your key scoring club that’s meant to get the ball airborne - is using tech that’s stuck in the 1950s!


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Most wedges are forgiving - Myth!


Yet, wedges have a reputation for being forgiving, that’s why alot of pros will tell you to warm up with your wedges.  


Unfortunately, that reputation is only built on the fact that it’s the shortest club in your bag.  In fact, that reputation couldn’t be further from the truth.  And that’s consistent with the fact that the technology is 70 years old!


Wedges are your scoring clubs.  But when you miss by as little as 15mm on the face, whether it’s a miss high-low or left-right, your shot can be off by as much as 52 feet!  


Robotic tests by Edison Golf across a large range of today’s wedges show that the result is true regardless of brand!


What really struck me about this is how easy it is to miss 15mm high on very lofted clubs - I’m guessing that’s why you see so few tour pros use a 64 degree wedge!


By adjusting the centre of gravity, Edison Golf has made the equivalent 15mm miss, losing 21 feet instead of 52 feet - that’s 31 feet of 60% closer to pin!  


And that leads us to the other aspect of forgiveness, and the reason we love Edison wedges so much...  Not only do they hit it much more solid, and give a lower more controlled flight, with a lot more spin - so you no longer have to launch the ball so high in order to get it to stop, lowering the effect of wind on our approach shots! 


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Most wedges are forged - Myth!


There’s a common misconception that most wedges, especially the rusty ones are forged.  The truth is that the price point of most modern wedges will make forging them unprofitable.


Edison Golf’s wedges are forged, and when you hit them, you’ll find that makes a huge difference in feel - and we know the short game is all about the fee.


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Most wedges are easily fitted - Myth!


That takes us to our last point, fitting your wedges.  The fact that their cast makes them very difficult to bend precisely.  


When it comes to wedges, fitting involves adjusting both loft and lie angles.  After they’re bent, you want them to stay at that angle.  Cast clubs have a tendency to unbend to their original cast angles, and overbending can result in cracks.  


That’s why Edison’s forged wedges are so great for getting them exactly fitted to you - we can get the exact angles, and they’ll hold the angles, so that you can go out and take your approach shots with confidence.


The other bug bear of wedge fitting is getting the bounce angle right.  The bounce is the part of the sole of the wedge that prevents it from digging into the ground - how a sand wedge gets your ball out of the sand by you hitting the sand behind the ball.


So, bounce is a key element of a wedge.


The problem for fitters has been that the angle between the bounce angle and lie angle is fixed, so if you adjust one, the other changes.  That’s why you hear of tour pros and top amateurs grinding the soles of their wedges - to correct this inadvertent change to the bounce.


Edison’s forged wedges incorporate the latest version of their patented "Koehler sole", which removes all the confusion and worry about bounce, grinding, and overgrinding.


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Forgiving, forged, fitted - three F words that while associated with wedges, are really just myths about wedges.


Make an appointment with us to check out the latest Edison Golf wedges, and make that fourth F word that you sometimes utter after hitting your wedges.




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  • I live in Jakarta and wish to purchase 2 Edison wedges. You advertise you will send them to Jakarta can you let me know if this is correct and how do you send them. By DHL?

    keith potter

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