Fairway Wood Fitting For Higher Launch

Fairway wood fitting is an art which requires scientific precision.  Find out how you can get higher launch and spin from your fairway wood.


The fairway wood, which is the least lofted club to be hit off the ground for the longest distance, is often said to be the most challenging club in the bag to fit.

Fairway wood fitting is a relatively more delicate process requiring fine fitting to ensure proper fit and performance.


Although there are ways to enhance ball speed or drop spin amongst others, these do not always complement the fairway wood which is hit off the ground. 


It is common for golfers to struggle with the multi-purpose club that is the 15 degree 3 wood, where they don’t get up in the air.  Here, golfers may be better suited playing with a 4 or 5 wood but with the 3 wood length shafting. 

This is where fairway wood fitting comes in as it will help golfers maintain leverage of the shaft length for the club head speed while having more forgiveness, launch angle and spin rate from the loft.


Fairwood wood fitting to increase the loft of the head e.g. to 17 degrees whilst keeping the same shaft for example, will have an impact towards achieving a higher launch as well as more spin.


Hence, the loft is key when it comes to fairway wood fitting.  More loft, when applied to a low ball flight, will create height and velocity will also help with the elevation.


🎥 Moving the CG can also help, and that's something we can now achieve with these new heads.  Check out this video.


Put that all together, and you'll stop hitting those worm killing low shots.  


You'll be high, and the talk of your flight!


Let's get you there by your next game.  Arrange a fitting session with our Master Fitter.  He has fitted thousands of high handicap golfers around the world, including me :)  On the other hand, he has also fitted the best golfers in the world, such as Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh! 

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  • Hi, I’m frm KL & goes dwn to Spore occasionally. Do you just do fittings
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