How fitting with us can save you money

There's a common misconception that club fitting is extra cost, but the truth is that a good fitter will actually save you money.  Learn more.


During a fitting session earlier this week, we met a customer (let’s call him James) who just ordered a set of custom clubs from a well known brand. 


James knew his specs, what lie angle he wanted, that he wanted his clubs half an inch long, etc.


The clubs came in, and expecting his dream clubs with his dream ball flight, he went to the range, only to find that he was launching the ball much higher than expected!


When he came to us, we were really curious. 


James was someone who had obviously seen the positive effects of club fitting, and even knew what specs to order his clubs in.


So why did he skip the club fitting process entirely this time?


James relates this story - When he was fitted the first time, he had a really good experience.  But because the last set he wanted to get wasn’t carried by the same fitter, he went to a different fitter for his last club change. 


That set didn’t quite work out, but apparently what was worse than the ball flight he was getting, was the experience he had with that club fitter.


He was pushy, and just tried to sell stuff to James that he didn’t need.


Unfortunately, such experiences are not as uncommon as you think.


During our 15 minute sessions which we conducted so many of in the last few weeks, many of our new customers told us that they wished they had come for fitting much earlier.


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However, they also said that they were under the impression that fitting always comes at a cost, and one particular lady told us that a club fitter actually made fun of her swing in front of other customers!


First, we can assure you that that will never happen here, since all our fitting sessions are one on one. 


Also, a couple of our customers said that the reason they wished they had come to see us earlier, was that we actually saved them money! 


Instead of club fitting being an additional cost, getting the clubs they needed from the outset meant that they no longer needed to constantly change clubs.


=> Book your Free 15 min Fitting Session Now (Limited Appointments)


That’s exactly how James felt after our fitting session.  The sad truth was that he now needed to get shafts that worked for him in conjunction with the heads that he had. 


With our years of accumulated experience in matching head and shafts, and with our proprietary Smashing Fits system that enables us to fit any shaft to any head, we’re confident that arranging a fitting session with us, will save you a lot of money.


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