How we fix your slice (hook, etc) in 15 mins

Fixing your slice, hook, etc in 15 mins is something we do many times a day.  And it's a simple question of changing a couple of things up.  You won't even need to buy anything.  Learn more.


A question that we get alot, is “can we really fix your slice (hook, push, pull, etc) in 15 mins?”


We’re confident we can.


In fact, right now, we’re doing a Free Club Fitting Promotion, where we’ll show you that you can indeed hit it straight within the 15 mins that you’ve entrusted us with.


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Whether your errant shot is a slice, fade, push, hooks, draw or pull - sidespin is the culprit. 


And if you’ve been coached, or watched Youtube videos, you’ll know that these are all caused by sidespin.


The most common way we see people try to fix this, is to change their swing.  Afterall, “your equipment can’t be wrong” - right?


Unfortunately not.  All equipment is made to fit the “average sized golfer”, within a segment of golfers (lower handicap, higher handicap, men, ladies, etc).  However, we know that very few people fit that exact average.  


What makes things worse is the “average” changes over time, and across brands.


That’s why you might hit your irons fine, but slice your driver.  Or hit 1 particular fairway wood well, but not another.  What’s happening then is that the series of compensations that you’ve made to hit that particular club, is working well at that moment.


But swing compensations need to be different across clubs, and so that particular compensation is not going to work on all your clubs.  That being the case, you’ll never practice that compensation enough to make it work consistently.


What you need to have, is one swing, your natural swing, across all your different clubs.  When you swing naturally, you’ll always be more consistent, because you’ve only got to work on that one swing, and that one swing also happens to be your natural swing.


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Which brings me to the second way to fix your errant “sideways” shot - fix your equipment.


Even if you’re not ready to let us fit a whole set for you so you can play with just 1 swing, we can fix that sideways shot in 15 mins.


We can do this by fixing your loft or lie angle, moving the centre of gravity on your club heads, showing you how you can grip the club to adjust for a shaft that is too stiff, long, heavy, torquey, etc.


With modern technology, many of these fixes can be applied without you needing to buy new clubs, and best of all, can be done in 15 mins.


For example, to fix a fade or slice, most drivers and fairway woods have sleeves that will enable your club to have more loft and get more upright, or even more face closed.  


There’ll also likely be movable weights on the head for you to adjust the centre of gravity, and in the case of a fade or slice, you’ll want to move the weight towards the heel of the club.


To fix a hook, do the exact opposite.


This along with the regripping techniques we can show you, can effectively fix your persistent slice, hook, etc, without you needing to purchase any new equipment. 


Fix your slice in 15 mins

Our Master Fitter, Jef Goh, is a pioneer in the Singapore club fitting industry who’s worked with top pros, and thousands of amateurs.  


We’re now offering 15 mins Free with him to work on your swing fix.


This is a one on one session, and you will not need to purchase anything.


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