Is The TaylorMade SIM Driver Truly Shape In Motion?

Solid performer with forgiveness and aesthetically pleasing features.  What else can you ask for in a golf partner.  Check out the new TaylorMade SIM drivers in our shop now to wield Shape In Motion and see geometrical science in motion.

We've been getting tonnes of requests from customers wanting to try these out with the various shafts we carry.


So we've just set up our fitting station with demo shafts for all SIM driver and fairway wood heads.


These Shape In Motion good lookers come in 3 head designs with progressively larger face sizes – the SIM which is the flagship driver, the SIM Max, and the SIM Max D which is a draw bias driver.


Focussing on the SIM and SIM Max drivers, the former has an adjustable weight which is similar to its predecessors M1, M3 and M5 whilst the SIM Max is more of a fixed weight system similar to the M2, M2 and M6.

As expected from TaylorMade, the SIM drivers abound with technological enhancements to bring its Shape In Motion name to bear and make its tagline a reality.


This is brought to fruition by its new revolutionary shape with an asymmetric sole design and inertia generator which work in tandem to increase aerodynamics and club head speed at the most critical stage of the swing, which is about 20 degrees over the club coming down before impact. 


With the SIM drivers, you’ll certainly feel that you swing quicker.


The inertia generator positions weight at the extreme rear for more forgiveness and is strategically angled to reduce drag on the downswing. 


The SIM drivers forged with high-MOI multi-materials of carbon, titanium and steel also lower the CG to help make them more forgiving. 


The twist face remains to help overcome golfer tendencies on mis-hits for straighter shots. 


Also, the loft sleeve can be adjusted and personalised up to +/- 2 degree loft change depending on your face angle preference and trajectory.  Although 2 degrees don’t sound like a lot, having an adjustable loft sleeve definitely makes a difference in getting the right spin and not having the ball go up too low or too high.


With the SIM, it has a sliding weight so you can go more towards the toe for fade, and more towards the heel for draw.  In fade setting, it certainly has more of a tendency moving to the right but it may well be that neutral works best for you. 


Optimising the driver here depending on your ball flight preference and trajectory, it has been reported that golfers can get up to +/- 20 yards of draw-fade bias.


In terms of feel, clearly a powerful feel off the face with that muted solid after-shot “tak” sound that comes from the carbon in the driver.  Nice!


Performance wise, long and straight shots which keeps me happy. 


The SIM Max driver has a slighter higher launch in comparison to the SIM driver, and has more forgiveness. 


To help my "fragile ego", the SIM Max driver looks almost identical to the flagship SIM driver too :)


Do remember that the SIM Max has no adjustable weight like the SIM driver which has a low spin and goes longer.


So if you've been curious about these, and how they perform with shaft upgrades, come by and check out the TaylorMade SIM drivers yourself to see if it’s truly Shape In Motion for you!


Our Master Fitter has fitted thousands of high handicap golfers around the world, including me :)  On the other hand, he has also fitted the best golfers in the world, such as Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh!


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