Questions to ask when Fitting your Perfect Set


Club fitting is a process that helps you improve your game - give you back your best game.  First we need to understand your game, and here's how. 


One of the questions we get asked a lot is this – what’s the best way to get prepared for a club fitting. 


And there’s no better way than to come prepared to discuss your game thoroughly with us.  To do that, ask yourself these 10 questions:


  1. What is your most common miss?


Sorry to start on a negative note, but we think this is the most important lesson of all, and will help us establish the foundation of your fitting.


If you miss right, or miss left, we can help cut those misses from your game.


  1. Which part of your game do you need the most help with?


Let’s just get the painful questions out of the way.  It’s tough to admit, but we’re here to help.  So let us know where you struggle the most – is it with hitting woods of the deck, or iron consistency, or ballooning drives.  We can help the most if you tell us all the gory details.


  1. Have you got a favorite club in your bag?


Okay, finally happy thought time.  When you’re in a tight situation, is there a particular club you reach for?  Why?  Do you know it’ll go straight if you take a full swing?  Do you prefer to punch it?


  1. Do you want more distance, accuracy or both?


Silly question.  Both.  But when fitting woods, there are compromises that can be made to squeeze out those last few yards if you think that will help your game.  Or there might be an exceptionally tight hole where you want your ball in exactly one spot.  These are all things we can help you with.  Speak to us about it.


  1. Do you work your shots, or have you got a preferred consistent shape?


This is particularly important for your irons.  If you love hitting a consistent fade or draw, or if shaping shots is your thing.  Maybe you’re somewhere in between, and love hitting one shot except when you’re in a pinch.  Whichever your preference, let us know, we can help.


  1. Do you change your set make up often?


It’s not uncommon these days to swap out a fairway wood for a hybrid, or a long iron for an extra wood or a hybrid, or even to carry an extra wedge.  But increasingly we see people swapping out driver shafts for specific courses, or having a more forgiving shaft for days you feel a little tired. 


We can help you make sure all of these have a consistent feel and consistent distance gaps between them.  You can no longer go by loft these days J


  1. Where do you play?


On that note, do you play at one course and want clubs tailored for the challenges you face on that course, or do you play on a wide variety of courses?  Are they primarily woodland style courses or links style courses?  What are wind conditions, and soil conditions like?  Considerations might be wanting more higher shots with more carry or lower shots with lots of roll?  How hot is it, and what sort of grass are you hitting off?  We might be able to recommend the right adhesive which will help you play more consistently on those courses or across various courses.


  1. The look at address


What sort of look do you like when addressing the ball?  It’s important to see the club in natural daylight and address your shot there.  Come down to our driving range and check out how the clubs look when we fit them for you.  You’ll notice that that gives you confidence when you take them to the course, completely different from indoor fittings.


  1. Are you improving?


If you’re not improving despite taking lessons, there’s a good chance that you’ve got different swings for each club.  We all have a natural swing, and the sooner you get fitted the sooner you start to swing naturally.  Whether you’re still improving or not, getting fitted will definitely improve your game.


  1. Consider your budget


Should you change everything in one go, or are there places where your dollar will go further?  All of these questions above will help us to allocate your budget with you, but come in with a figure in mind, and we’ll work to improve your game the most, within the budget you have.


We hope that this helped you discover your game a little more.  If you're ready to make some serious improvements to your game, come down and have a discussion with us, and hit a few balls too!



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