The New 2023 Titleist T-Series Gen III Irons

The new series consist of 4 Models, namely the T100, T150, T200 & T350 which was designed with the Titleist 3D philosophy. The 3Ds are Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle which are all custom fitting parameters that helps golfer increase their ability to control their shots better in all situations.

The 4 models Transit seamlessly into the next model, making it a perfect series to fit for combo sets. 


T100 - The Tour Iron is a Dual Cavity Design Forged with a lighter support bar running across the centre behind the face. The rear brazed instead of being welded (about 10 times the temperature) together with their high density D18 Tungsten being smaller and placed lower especially on the longer irons to achieve higher launch.


T150 - The Tour Distance Irons is also a Dual Cavity Design. Pretty much the same design as the T100 with a slightly bigger footprint.  Muscle Channel had also been moved closer to the face with a thicker support bar to improve Feel and Ball Speed. Heavier and smaller tungsten to bring the weight backwards and lower for higher launch and tighter dispersion. This iron is a reminiscent of the AP2.


T200 - Player’s Distance Irons is a Hollow Iron with improved support on the Max Impact Core and with an improved design on the Back Plate with what looks like acoustic chambers which resonates much better. Improved Feel and sound more solid with the new position of the Max Impact Core together with the Dual Taper Forged L Shape Face. Well Positioned D18 Tungsten Weights to help launch the ball better to achieve high Descent Angle even with a stronger loft.



T350 - Game Improvement Irons is also a hollow iron which has the same design philosophy as the T200 but with a larger footprint, Max Impact Core and a Forged dual Taper L Shape Face. Stronger Loft lower CG (with D18 Tungsten) but still launch with great ease. Best Upgrade from your older game improvement model and may be the best looking and feeling irons in its class. Back piece also features similar design as the T200 except with more detailed acoustic chambers.

A common feature of all 4 models is Variable-Bounce Sole designed with the involvement of the Vokey Team from their expertise in sole interaction with the turf from the wedge design so that the irons get thru the turf with ease, even for the T350 which has the widest sole of them all.

Finally, why shortchange yourself by getting it off the shelves when you can have them customised for the same price with option of being able to make it a combo set.




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